"Feed Your Head", 2012- Ongoing

A reflection on being creative in the hectic modern world. Time appears to vanish when immersed in the processes involved, lost in the moment, tuning out to tune in, making space for playful misadventure experiment and mistake celebrating human imperfection.

“Feed Your Head” is a durational performance based installation where the artist doodles on to her dress with stitch.

Comprises of; Apron Dress, Stretched Biro, Warped Tape Measure, Doodle Ball (used as a pin cushion), scissors on ribbon, earphones, Thread Catcher, In/Out Shoes, huge wooden darning mushroom, two darning mushroom stools and artist, 2012.

It is an ongoing work so I intend to repeat the performance in new locations.

There will also be an short animation film using time-lapse footage captured during the performance with additional footage taken by talented animator and film editor Magali Charrier with whom I am working with to make the film.

Currently the film has been moved to the back burner but is not forgotten and will happen when the time is right or I have the money to pay for help with editing.